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Welcome to the special website of the Senate of the Netherlands for the XIth Conference of the Association of European Senates (AES) which was held on 16-18 April 2009 in the Assembly Hall of the Senate in The Hague.

The Association's objectives are to develop relationships between members, promote bicameralism within the framework of parliamentary democracy and strengthen European identity and awareness. Each year the Association organizes at least one meeting of Senate Presidents on specific topics.

The Association is composed of the following Senates: The Federal Council of Germany, the Federal Council of Austria, the Belgian Senate, the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Spanish Senate, the Senate of the French Republic, the Italian Senate, the First Chamber (or Senate) of the States General of the Netherlands, the Polish Senate, the Romanian Senate, the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the National Council of Slovenia, the Swiss Council of States, the Senate of the Czech Republic, and the House of Lords of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

As representatives of the European citizens, Parliaments play an important role in intensifying cooperation on our European continent. Parliamentary involvement and diplomacy have gained in importance. In a bicameral system, Senates have their own responsibility in broadening the European horizon.

In what way do the Senates successfully interpret this task for the benefit of the European continent and its citizens?  The XIth Meeting of the Association of European Senates will focus on answering this question under the heading of  "The Role of the Senates on the European Continent". The European continent is to be understood here in the broadest possible sense, as including not only Member States of the European Union but all members of the Association mentioned above.

On this special website you will find more information about the conference hosted by the Senate of the Netherlands, as for instance the programme, the participants and information about the Association.  

Mrs. Yvonne E.M.A. Timmerman-Buck

President of the Senate of the States-General

The Dutch senate chamber

Impression of the XIth Conference AES

A short video impression of the XIth conference of the Association of European Senates, which was held from 16- 18 April 2009 in the Hague, is now available on this website. Please check the video section under XIth conference.